Mouhamadou .A. Diop



Mouhamadou A. DIOP














学习工作经历Study and work experience





Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, University   Paris 06, France




Engineering degree in Aeronautics at   SUPELEC, Paris, France




Master degree in Mechanical Engineering,   University Paris 06, France




Ph.D. degree in Physics, University   Paris 06, France






Postdoctoral fellow, Laval University,   MACE3, Quebec, Canada




Research Scientist at ALCOA Technical   Center, Pittsburg, USA




Senior Research Scientist, Masdar   Institute of Science & Technology, UAE




Adjunct Research Professor at Laval/   University Senior Research Scientist at ALCOA, Canada



主要研究方向Main research directions



·Modeling of Coupled Phenomena in   Hall-Héroult Materials and Cells


·Multiphase and Fluid Interaction   Modelling of the Electrolytic Bath


·Simulation of Vibro-compaction Process   Using Discrete Element Method


·Waste Heat Recovery and Thermal   Integration in Aluminum Smelters


·Large scale Thermo-Magnetohydrodynamics   multiphase modeling


·Multiscale/Multitiphase   Multiphysico-chemical Transport in Porous Media


·Energy Conversion and Energy Efficiency Optimization

近年讲授课程Courses taught in recent years

·Advanced Mathematics for Physicist at     University Paris 06 (France)

·Advanced Mathematics for Engineer at Laval     University (Canada)

·Computational Methods and Modern     Numerical tools at University Paris 06 (France)

·Advanced     Modeling of Materials’ Physical behavior at Old Domino University (USA)

所在团队情况Team situation


Dr. Diop's   research program is tightly coordinated with the Industrial Research team   called Institute of Light Metal Metallurgy (ILMM). While the ILMM team will   focus on the global behavior of the Halt-Héroult cell. The team has already   mastered the start-up modelling.

Projects are   currently undertaken on chemical species migration in the cathode, which will   lead to degradation models (in the long term). In order to further knowledge,   the Chair’s research program has been divided in three sections. The first   aims at furthering knowledge regarding modelling of complex phenomena and   their numerical implementation.

he second   section aims for an experimental support to further knowledge regarding   thermo-electro-mechanical behavior of the cell. Finally, the third section aims   for targeted projects where the thermo-electro-mechanical behavior of the   cell will be tackled in order to improve the energy efficiency of current   cells.

人才培养情况Talent training


In   this aspect, Dr. Diop's contributions are excellent because of his academic   background and technical experience from the industry. Also, we must mention   that the students of his research group are very motivated and of a very high   potential to carry out quality research. Subsequently, several measures are put   in place to promote the integration and collaboration of students within a   multi-disciplinary group of an international character. We note, in   particular, industrial visits and internships. During the last six years, 1   Post-doc, 6 Ph.D. and 14 master students have been under the direction or   co-direction of the applicant. All of these students currently hold academic   or industrial engineering positions. Let’s note that several students are   pursuing their careers in fields related to the aluminum industry. The above   description shows that students have acquired skills that are sought after by   the industry.


In   summary, the work of Dr. Diop to real science, engineering, and industrial   needs and is under the leadership of a very competent, recognized, and productive   researcher who contributes significantly to the training of Highly Qualified Personnel,   particularly at the masters and doctorate level.

科研项目情况Scientific research projects


·CRSNG- Industrial Research Fund

·EIFFEL-Fund for fundamental Research

·Erasmus Mundus-for Scientific Mobility

·FRQNT- Fond de Recherche Quebecois     pour les Sciences Natural.

·EGA-Biodiesel Flame Characterization in     Aluminum Cast House Furnaces


论文著作情况Thesis writing

Dr. Diop has been involved in several   Master/Ph.D. degree theses. Here below, one can see few examples:

·Soufiane   Zaglafi, Master student in Civil Engineering,Thermo-chemo-mechanical   characterization of carbon anode and identification of behavior law   parameters

·Hanae Maali,   Master student in Civil Engineering, Thermo-electro-mechanical   characterization of the ramming paste: aging effects on its performance.

·Alireza Sadeghi   Chahardeh, Master's student in Materials Engineering and   Metallurgy,Experimental and Numerical Study of Carbon Anode Manufacturing in   Aluminum Production

·François   Grégoire, PhD student in Mechanical engineering,Modeling of the Anode Baking   Furnace

·Geoffroy Rouget,   PhD student in Materials science and Engineering,Modelling of the electrical   conductivity of porous media

·Min Li, PhD   Student in CIvil Engineering,Large scale Thermo-Magnetohydrodynamics   multiphase modelling of an electrolytic cell


教学奖励Teaching Award

科研奖励Research Award

·IEEE AVSS 2010 Computer Society, Action Recognition using a sparse   representation on covariance manifolds of optical flow,2010.

·7th International Conference on Porous Metals and Metallic Foams,   Metfoams2011.

·9th Workshop on self-organizing maps, on-line relational SOM for   dissimilarity data, WSOM2012.

·2nd Australian Conference on Computational Mechanics,   Brisbane2015.

·Aeronautics Honor Medal of French defense ministry, July 17th,   2007.

·Honor Diploma for young science talent price, Price General   Council,2009.

社会兼职Social work

We   have the responsibility to help those who need help.


·Tzu Chi Education Foundation

·Red Cross Foundation

个人寄语Personal message

Something is fascinating about   science. One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such a trifling   investment of fact. (Life on the Mississippi)

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